Frequently Asked Questions

The website is running slow or not showing properly?

Please use Chrome or Firefox, as these are the best browsers to view our website and are both free to download on PC and Mac.

Quick Link - for Chrome.

Quick Link - for Firefox.


No new content is showing?

1. Clear your internet history and restart your computer.

2. Make sure your system is up to date

3. Website may be being updated.

4. Come back to the website after 24 hours.


Why won't content work properly on my equipment?*

There can be many reasons why content many not work, unfortunately we can not give advice for individuals.

Please check that you have the latest browser and is either Chrome or Firefox for the best viewing.

Please also check that your equipment is up to date.

We have tested the content on both Windows and Mac computers which is the best way to view the website.

Content may not work on some devices (e.g tablets or phones) but we do as much testing as possible.


Security / Warnings / Blocked / Account Terminated?*

Your account may be blocked for up to 24 hours. This block will automatically be removed after this period. In some cases you will receive a new password via email.

If your account was blocked due to breaking the law, your account will be terminated and your IP will be blacklisted from our website.



We use the latest GEO-Tagging IP security system that can spot password sharing and hacking within seconds.

We take giving out of passwords very seriously as it is against the law.



We use a special tagging security software for all our content (both videos and photos).

There is no exception for piracy as you will bring the website to an end and it is against the law.


Site Rippers / Downloaders:

We use a bandwidth monitoring system which does not allow any kind of website rippers / downloaders as these cause problems with our servers and is not fair on other members.

We take website ripping / downloading very seriously as it is against the law.


Fair Usage Policy:

We do have a fair usage policy which allows up to 8GB (equivalent to 50 videos) of streaming / downloading per day, this is to help with server load so that every member can have a pleasant experience.


Will you get in contact with me and is the website private?

All your details are completely secure and we will never get in contact with you unless you get in contact with us.

We may on the very rare occasion send out an email to the email address provided on signup with news or problems but this is only on very rare occasions.